People love the Dart! Get Ready for hours of enjoyment & laughter!
1. What is the best size photo to use?
Mugdart crops images at 600px X 600px. That is the size you would want the face to be. Most pictures taken with todays modern digital camera should be big enough to be cropped correctly.

2. How can I send a Mugdart by email?
Easy! After you create and view your mugdart use the mail to a friend button next to the picture.

3. Is there a tutorial which shows me step by step how to create a mugdart?
Well of course there is. Click here for the mugdart step by step tutorial.

4. Where can i see some examples of a mugdart? Check out our samples page

5. Why is there a little gap at the bottom and side of my mugdart sometimes?
Thats a bug that we are working on, and will have it fixed ASAP!

6. Im stuck, I need help, I can't do this right!! Please Help!!!
Ok ok, use our helpdesk feature and create a ticket about your problem and we will try to get you going ASAP!
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