People love the Dart! Get Ready for hours of enjoyment & laughter! Itís hilarious. Itís ridiculous. Itís addictive! is the fun way to have a blast with friends. Whether youíre hanging out at a party or bored sitting at work, mugdart is the uproarious way to add a little fun to your day. The site is simple and easy to use. Just follow the tutorial and youíll be mugdarting in no time! You can mugdart your mom, your dad, brother, sis or whomever you want! The best part is you can print out your mugdart, hang it on a dartboard and actually use it! Mugdart your friends and pin them up at the bar for a side-splitting laughs.

FYI - Mugdart crops images at 600px X 600px. Please use a picture at least that big if not bigger. For best results edit your picture so the head is 600px X 600px. We recommend picasa from google. You can get picasa here -
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